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Concrete Pumping Contractor Imperial Beach Using Trailer Pumps for Concrete Pumping in Imperial Beach: Is It Possible? Concrete pumping in Imperial Beach or the notion that trailer pumps can be used to deliver huge amounts of concrete were once considered impossible or something that can never be done. However, in a rebuff to doubters, we have demonstrated that indeed it can be done. Prior to getting into the nitty-gritty of things, it’s only fitting that we first get to know how concrete works while in a hose. We can do this by adding priming agent on the concrete to make it flow through the hose. Our team uses a priming agent to improve the viscosity of the mixture. Chances are three rocks will pass altogether requiring enough space to allow them that. Given this, there’s a likelihood that the concrete would be able to go through smoothly. It has always been our goal to leave about ¾ inch space to

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